“We have a new baby and are mid-move into a new house- let’s throw an extravagant ice cream birthday party!”- says no mom ever. Except for me, I guess. But really, I love putting together special days for my kids and I didn’t want Harper to miss out because of all the crazy going on around us these days. The party was completely planned and ordered prior to Ethan being born 6 weeks earlier so it was easy to set things up. So we went ahead and invited our whole family and some friends over to celebrate with her, meet our new baby brother, and get a tour of the new house!

At two years old, ice cream was synonymous with birthday parties for Harper, so we went all out and gave her such a fun Ice Cream Birthday Party, complete with a sundae bar, ice cream cone cupcakes, and a homemade melted ice cream cone cake!

Sundae bar | Ice cream birthday party
Ice Cream Truck Cupcake Stand | Cake Stand | Chalkboard | Wooden Spoons
Sundae bar | Ice Cream birthday party
Sundae Bar

The DIY melted ice cream cake was much easier than I anticipated (phew!) ! All you have to do is create a cake ball with leftover pieces of cake trimmings + icing (I actually used an entire cupcake since I was making them anyway) and place it on top of the cake. For the “drip”, I made a white chocolate ganache by melting 1 cup of white chocolate and mixing in about 1/2 cup of warm milk until it was a liquidy consistency (but still on the thicker side). I added a drop or two of pink food coloring. After it cooled for about 10 minutes, I poured it over the cake ball and over the side of the cake. Easy, peasy. I added my cake cone and sprinkles and let it settle before moving it anywhere (it doesn’t really harden, but it kind of freezes in place).

Melting Ice Cream Drip Birthday Cake
Melted Ice Cream Drip Birthday Cake
Ice cream birthday cake
Melted Ice cream birthday cake
Melted Ice Cream birthday cake
Ice Cream cupcake cone
Ice Cream cupcake cone
Ice Cream Birthday Theme
Party Fun!
Cake Smash!

And as for our new addition, he happily slept through the whole thing. | Lifestyle, Childhood & Photography Blog by Jessica Grant

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