😍🦘My little mama kangaroo and her... wait for it... JoJoey 🦘😭😍😂😍

The kids always enjoy digging through our old Halloween costumes- these mommy & me kangaroo hats were from Ethan’s first Halloween! I think the whole family collectively “aww”ed when they were pulled out of the box this year since we now have our very own Joey that obvi just HAD to be dressed up 🥰 (And of course my mini mama finallyyyy had her prayers answered to wear sis in my @wildbird ring sling as any good mama Kangaroo would 😉) 🦘 #wildbirdhalloween

😍🦘My little mama kangaroo and...

Yay for Halloween Week 👻🎃 Bring on the tricks and treats, crafts and sweets 🎨🍫🍭✨

Do you have any fun plans ? We’re going to skip out on trick or treating but I’m excited to check out the neighborhood decorations this week (the kids are SO into all the spooky stuff this year), and then celebrating Halloween at home with a costume dance party followed by a scary movie night. Should we watch ✨Hocus Pocus✨ for the first time??

Yay for Halloween Week 👻🎃...

Are you a good witch or a bad witch? 💫 I’ll go with option 3 - most darling little pumpkin all day long but 😳 she sure takes Witching Hour to a whole new level ✨🤯

Do/did your babies lose it before bedtime? Tips? I don’t remember it being like this with my other kids or maybe I just blacked out from the insanity 🤪😂

Are you a good witch...

👻 I’m just here for the Treats! Especially when they’re of the Rice Krispie variety and as simply  adorable as these ghost pops! Here’s the recipe (I also just added a Reel if you like a visual and, well, because I’m kind of addicted to making them now 😜!) :

Over Medium Heat
* Stir together ½ cup butter, 2 bags of 10-oz marshmallows, 1½ tsp vanilla and ¼tsp salt in a saucepan until melted and gooey

In a Large Bowl
* Add 10 cups of Rice Krispies Cereal
* Pour in melted marshmallow mixture and stir until combined
Transfer Mixture into a greased 13x9 pan
* Let cool for about an hour

Once Cooled
* Use a ghost cookie cutter to cut out shapes (You made need to grease the cutter)

* Melt white chocolate and drizzle over ghosts
* Add candy eyes
* (Optional) Insert a paper straw into bottom to make it into a pop!

👻 I’m just here for...

🖐🏻 whole months of loving on our little roly poly Josie girl 💜 Her smile gets bigger by the day and has only gotten sweeter with her two little bottom teeth poking through. Her favorite snack is her toes - mine, too 😍😋 - and I’m actually surprised I got this picture without them in her mouth 🤣 And because she couldn’t get any more darling, she sings herself to sleep and I hope she never, ever stops 🥰 #seeJoJogrowgrow

🖐🏻 whole months of loving...

👻You’ve Been “Boo”-d!!👻 I’m so excited to be joining up with some friends today to share some inspiration for this fun tradition!
If you’ve never heard of it, here’s the basics: you create a treat or goodie basket, drop it off at a friend or neighbors house - but don’t get caught! 
Head to my stories to see how we’re going to surprise some friends with our homemade Halloween Monster Mix and then follow along with the rest of my ghoul-friends to see all the amazingly creative ways they’re “Boo”ing their friends and neighbors! 👇🏻👻🤩

👻You’ve Been “Boo”-d!!👻 I’m so...

6 may just be the sweetest age so far. She still has enough “little” girl that she believes in the magic of fairies and still dotes on her dollies, while mixing in a whole lot of “big” girl and really becoming her own little person with her own ideas and interests. I wanted to share more about these two extra special birthday gifts because I absolutely adore how these shops were able to create such perfectly personalized gifts that helped me capture all the best little details to celebrate her. I’m showing a closer look in my Stories or you can read more about them below!
@SunnyStowaways created a one-of-a-kind handmade “Harper” doll that I am just obsessed with 😍; I communicated with them to make every little detail ALL Harper; from skin tone to hair color, length, and texture, to ideas about the outfit she’s wearing (totally eclectic and 100% something Harper would pick out for herself 🌈). I can’t even explain how beautiful the quality is. It’s exceptionally made and I would definitely consider it heirloom quality yet still soft enough to be played with all day long! 💜They generously offered me a code to share with you: JessicaGrant14 for 20% off !!💜
When Ethan told me he wanted to get Harper a bracelet for her birthday (😭) the first shop to come to mind was @charmit_ , creators of beautiful, high-quality, and fun jewelry for girls! Ethan browsed their site and adorably put so much thought into which charms were perfect for Harper. Zoom in to see what he picked! Their extensive charm selection is magical and just perfect for a thoughtful and special gift. I love that we can add on to her bracelet for special milestones and holidays! Check out their website to purchase; they regularly have sales and free gifts with your order!
The holiday season is approaching and if you’re already making your girls’ lists, I highly suggest checking out these amazingly unique shops !! 🤩

6 may just be the...

It’s all just a bunch of ✨Hocus Pocus✨

It’s all just a bunch...

I have no words 😍😩😍💗💥😍 

Okay maybe a few now that I’ve stopped squealing- I put together this darling Halloween costume for Josie to twin with her little lovie; Of course as a 2020 babe, there’s No Place Like Gnome 🏠😜

I have no words 😍😩😍💗💥😍...

October, when all the neglected cobwebs in my house can now be considered seasonal decor 👻🕸✨ I always wait until after Harper’s birthday to get Halloweeny so this weekend we finally spooked up the house a little bit! (Read: I decorated  and then this little ghoul and her boo-friend redistributed all of my pumpkins and spiders to 37 different locations. And repeat) 👻

October, when all the neglected...

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