DIY Personalized Easter Basket

Tap the product images below for links to the basket and yarn I used to make this DIY! (there are over 25+ yarn colors , I used “Blossom”) Love this basket because it easily becomes adorable year-round storage !

& here are some more similar basket options:

Easy DIY Personalized Easter Basket

Add a yarn script name to personalize any Easter Basket using chunky yarn and hot glue! Here’s how to do this 5 minute DIY : 

Lay out the yarn in cursive letters onto the basket, playing with the style and spacing of letters to fit the name across the front. (If your basket is not flat on front, you can sketch the name on with a pencil or chalk first).

Once you like how it looks, start lifting small sections of yarn and add beads of hot glue, pressing the yarn back in place. Work your way along the name until you’re finished. 


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DIY Personalized Easter Basket