Board Game Storage


These are the original set of 10 I shared in my instagram Reel; they keep going in and out of stock so if they’re not available (or you need a different quantity) I also found this similar case that has the same measurements and features (available individually):


These storage containers are a game changer for playroom organization because we love a family board game night but I’m over the tetris-puzzle of smashing 10 different sized boxes into a cabinet (don’t even get me started on the box that’s shaped. like. a. tree. 🫠 – I’m looking at you, Sneaky Snacky Squirrel)

I love that they’re thin, stackable, close securely, and are clear for easy identification -although I added some labels bc I’m Team Label-All-The-Things.

Here’s a closer look of them in all their organized glory ! ⤵️


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