Gabby’s Dollhouse Birthday Party

A cat-tastic Gabby's Dollhouse Birthday party with DIY backdrop, treats and favors.

I styled a cat-tastic Gabby’s Dollhouse party for Josie’s 4th birthday that was full of fun decor, plenty of crafty activities, and yummy themed snacks. To achieve an elevated look to a character-inspired birthday party, I lean heavily on selecting colors and highlighting details in place of character-specific partyware. Check out all the paw-some details of her magical party below! Here are the links to the supplies I used:

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Gabby’s Dollhouse Party Decor

A DIY Gabby's Dollhouse backdrop decoration for a birthday party

This Gabby’s Dollhouse party brings the magic of the dollhouse to life with a giant dollhouse; a DIY made of foam board, cardstock, paint and poster board. You can watch my Gabby’s Dollhouse DIY Reel here! I covered the wall behind the dollhouse with layers of pastel rainbow fringed tissue garlands and balloon sprinkles.

Gabby's Dollhouse birthday party table and decor

The table is ready for a sprinkle party! A purple tablecloth is covered with a sprinkle patteren table runner.

I scattered extra balloon sprinkles and colorful flower bouquets (Trader Joe’s is my favorite spot to curate blooms!) on the table. Each place setting has a cat face plate, black and white striped napkin, and cat cup. Adorable Gabby cat headbands were placed at each spot.

DIY cupcake sprinkles palette for a kids birthday party dessert

Gabby’s Dollhouse Food & Drinks

Cakey’s kitchen inspired the creative and yummy party foods!

The mini kitty pizzas are made from a recipe shared by Gabby’s Dollhouse: Cut out cat face shapes from pizza crust, add sauce and cheese – then, decorate! We used olive eyes, a pepperoni heart nose, red pepper smile, green pepper whiskers, and basil leaf ears.

Good2grow themed drinks are a fun and easy way to add your kiddos’ favorite characters to a party. I always think they look adorable on the table!

For a sweet treat, each party guest made their own sprinkle-riffic DIY cupcake (Watch Reel) ! Palette plates held a plain frosted cupcake surrounded by a variety of colorful sprinkles and edible decorations. 

This is my new favorite way to serve cupcakes at kids’ birthday parties and perfectly on theme for my 4 year old’s Gabby’s Dollhouse Sprinkle Party! The sprinkles are always their favorite part anyways, right?? The kids loved being able to decorate their own cupcake – aka, bury them in sprinkles.

Making the little kitty ears for the cat cupcakes was so simple, just cut a marshmallow into fourths, give them a little squeeze at the top to make it more triangular, and dip the sticky side into pink sugar

Her cake was inspired by Sugar & Sparrow and I added a cake topper from @thebuttercreamshop

Gabby’s Dollhouse Crafts and Party Favors

A “kitty delivery box” craft station has an assortment of colorful boxes for kids to DIY their own favor box using glitter glue, washi tape, stickers, pipe cleaners, and more! Once their kitty delivery box is made, kids can fill it with goodies inspired by their favorite Gabby cats: A pack of crayons (Baby Box), bubbles (MerCat), flower seeds (Kitty Fairy), glow sticks (DJ Catnip), and pull back cars (Carlita).

We had the best time celebrating our baby girl turning 4!


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