🤩 With stars in her eyes she said to me, “You know what mom, I had plans to be the first woman on the moon but daddy told me that mission is already scheduled. So I decided I’ll just be the first person that walks on Mars instead.”

And you know what? With the amount of conviction in her little voice, I wouldn’t be one bit surprised if this is the photo they’re flashing on tv years from now as her rocket takes off to Mars 🚀✨

🤩 With stars in her...

9 Months ❤️of our rosy cheek Josie😊

She has so many fun little quirks right now that I am just so in love with. The full-arm-extension clap. Her deep throaty giggle. The adorably coy way she hides her face against me and peeks out. How she still sings herself to sleep. 

She’s not quite officially crawling but definitely gets where she wants to go by any means necessary. 

She’s such a cuddle bug and I melt every time she puts her head on my shoulder or runs her little hand through my hair.

Her favorite toys right now are books, bath boats, drum, and anything she can bang together.

She loves “I’m going to get you” and tickle games, peek-a-boo, knocking down blocks, and putting herself right in the middle of whatever the big kids are doing.

This month has been tough. A big one for food allergies. A completely backwards month for sleep. And an exasperating month as we try to calm her eczema flares.

Always happiest in my arms and I’m enjoying every squeeze because i have a feeling it’s not long before she’s zooming off on her own.

9 Months ❤️of our rosy...

🌹Celery Stamp Bouquet🌹 Here’s a cute craft you can do with kitchen scraps; it turns out the bottom of a celery stalk makes a perfect rose 🤯😍!! So let your kids stamp you a pretty bouquet of roses for Valentine’s Day, you deserve it, mama! 💐❤️

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🌹Celery Stamp Bouquet🌹 Here’s a...

I love you, my little Josie Lu! 💗 It feels like we’ve been going in circles for the last month with allergists, scratch tests, blood labs, food challenges, and more food challenges. And finally here we are: content. 

We have some answers and a plan that will keep us on a safe and steady path for now and I’m grateful to feel a sense of relief and optimism that I don’t often feel as a long time allergy mom.

Josie passed both her baked milk and baked egg challenges, making it possible to keep baked products in her diet which will hopefully lead to tolerance of other forms in the long run 🤞🏻

Thank you, as always, for following along, sending love and kind words, and praying for my sanity when I’m stuck in a small food challenge room for hours upon hours with a mobile baby 🤪😘

I love you, my little...

Math, but make it sweet 💗💜

At the rate things are going, I expect Harper to be learning calculus by next month so I figured we’d have a little counting fun while we can still snack on the equations 😋

Here’s a quick peek at some of the preschool & kinder math activities I’m going to do with the kids this week - Grab the free printable on my blog if you want to join in!❣️

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Math, but make it sweet...

And since we’ve no place to go...❄️

The snow this week has done wonders to reset our mid-winter fatigue. It was a much needed break from our gloomy day monotony to have a reason to get out in the fresh, crisp, air and play 🤗! Pulling the three of them piled in the sled today was just about the cutest and just what I needed 🥰

And since we’ve no place...

I made the kids some ✨fancy✨ XOXO Dough valentines this year and if you watch my stories you’ll see that um, oops, I already gave it to them 🙈🥰 In my defense, it was a much more fun and festive way to practice spelling words this morning 🙃 {recipe on my blog & Reels!}

I made the kids some...

🪡Paper Heart Garland💞 I made this simple & sweet garland to decorate our Valentine book nook using pre-cut paper hearts (I see you @Target craft section🙌🏻) and my sewing machine! It’s a cute, easy, and budget friendly way to spread some love around the house! 💜
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🪡Paper Heart Garland💞 I made...

Celebrating the end of the longest month in history 🎉 Just kidding, kind of. But I do need a place to put the rest of our New Year’s pictures before January is officially over 😆 so, Cheers 🥂✨

⬅️Swipe to see all 3 getting in on the confetti fun: Which pic’s your favorite? It’s the baby confetti toes and tutu rolls for me 🥰

Celebrating the end of the...

House Special: Sunday Shortstack🥞

House Special: Sunday Shortstack🥞

5 Easy Lunches for Kids

Making meals for kids is in general, well, the worst. Throw in a picky-eater, and in our case food allergies, and it feels like the options are frustratingly limited. I know how it goes- we start the year being that mom, but soon after fall into a hole of serving the same easy, go-to foods, day after day. To escape that pattern, I challenged myself to create easy lunches for kids that are still simple to make and inviting to eat.

Making fun and easy lunches for kids!

I find it helpful to use different containers to organize. A bento lunch box allows smaller, compartmentalized, portions of a variety of foods.

My favorites are :

Here are some of my favorite creative (but simple!) and easy lunches for kids:

Hummus Dipper lunch; hummus and a variety of yummy dippers!

Hummus Dippers

  • Hummus- we prefer traditional but roasted red pepper is also a fave!
  • Mini Pita rounds (or cut regular pita into triangles!)
  • Veggies: carrots, cucumber, bell peppers, celery, snap peas
  • Turkey
  • Other great dippers: pretzels, tortilla chips, crackers
  • Fun variation: Dessert hummus with fruit and animal crackers! Yum!
Cutout sandwich; a new spin on a classic lunch.

Cutout Sandwich

  • Such an easy modification, but of course eating a sandwich with a shape or letter cut out is obvi so much more delish!
  • Use a cookie cutter for endless options or just a knife to cut out your own creation (like an initial)
  • Round sandwich thins are another fun way to switch up a boring ol‘ sandwich.
  • Here are some of my favorite cookie cutters:
Chicken Nugget Caprese; a fancy alternative to chicken nuggets! Easy lunches for kids

Chicken Nugget Caprese

  • Ah, a fancy twist on the beloved, yet overplayed, lunch time staple: the chicken nugget.
  • Use food picks to make a shish kabob from a cut up chicken nugget (or grilled chicken), cherry tomato and ciliegine (aka little mozzarella balls).
  • Add balsamic vinegar to dip.
  • Side of plain pasta to keep the vibe going
Almond butter and banana rice cake pizza

Almond Butter & Banana Rice Cake Pizza

  • Another fun variation with endless options!
  • Spread almond butter (or other nut substitute) onto a rice cake
  • Add your choice of fruit (bananas, strawberries, & blueberries are some of our favorites!)
DIY Pepperoni Pizza; alternative to lunchables!

DIY Pepperoni Pizza

  • My answer to the endless begging for Lunchables in the refrigerated aisle of the grocery store.
  • English muffins or other flat bread (sandwich thins, bagel)
  • Spaghetti sauce
  • Shredded mozzarella cheese
  • Pepperoni and/or other toppings (bell peppers, mushrooms, pineapple, ham, olives, etc!)

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5 Easy Lunches for Kids