5 Favorite School Lunch Ideas for Kids

Making meals for kids is sometimes, well, the worst. Throw in a picky-eater, and in our case food allergies, and it feels like the options are frustratingly limited. I know how it goes- we start the year being that mom, but soon after fall into a hole of serving the same easy, go-to foods, day after day. To escape that pattern, I challenged myself to create 5 school lunch ideas for kids that are still simple to make and inviting to eat.

5 creative and easy school lunch ideas for kids! Create simple bento lunches with these yummy choices.

I find it helpful to use different containers to organize. A bento lunch box allows smaller, compartmentalized, portions of a variety of foods.

My favorites are :

5 Favorite School Lunch Ideas

Here are some of my favorite creative (but simple!) and easy school lunch ideas for kids:

Hummus Dipper lunch; hummus and a variety of yummy dippers!

Hummus Dippers

  • Hummus- we prefer traditional but roasted red pepper is also a fave!
  • Mini Pita rounds (or cut regular pita into triangles!)
  • Veggies: carrots, cucumber, bell peppers, celery, snap peas
  • Turkey
  • Other great dippers: pretzels, tortilla chips, crackers
  • Fun variation: Dessert hummus with fruit and animal crackers! Yum!
Cutout sandwich; a new spin on a classic lunch.

Cutout Sandwich

  • Such an easy modification, but of course eating a sandwich with a shape or letter cut out is obvi so much more delish!
  • Use a cookie cutter for endless options or just a knife to cut out your own creation (like an initial)
  • Round sandwich thins are another fun way to switch up a boring ol‘ sandwich.
  • Here are some of my favorite cookie cutters:
Chicken Nugget Caprese; a fancy alternative to chicken nuggets! Easy lunches for kids

Chicken Nugget Caprese

  • Ah, a fancy twist on the beloved, yet overplayed, lunch time staple: the chicken nugget.
  • Use food picks to make a shish kabob from a cut up chicken nugget (or grilled chicken), cherry tomato and ciliegine (aka little mozzarella balls).
  • Add balsamic vinegar to dip.
  • Side of plain pasta to keep the vibe going
Almond butter and banana rice cake pizza

Almond Butter & Banana Rice Cake Pizza

  • Another fun variation with endless options!
  • Spread almond butter (or other nut substitute) onto a rice cake
  • Add your choice of fruit (bananas, strawberries, & blueberries are some of our favorites!)
DIY Pepperoni Pizza; alternative to lunchables!

DIY Pepperoni Pizza

  • My answer to the endless begging for Lunchables in the refrigerated aisle of the grocery store.
  • English muffins or other flat bread (sandwich thins, bagel)
  • Spaghetti sauce
  • Shredded mozzarella cheese
  • Pepperoni and/or other toppings (bell peppers, mushrooms, pineapple, ham, olives, etc!)

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5 Favorite School Lunch Ideas for Kids