Cute Baby Girl Clothes – Amazon Winter Faves!

Here in Ohio, it feels like winter is just beginning. For every 1 pretty snow day, we have approximately a million days of dreary weather in between. I find myself doing a lot of online shopping with bright, cheerful, and cozy clothes for Josie landing in my cart most often. She’s almost 8 months old and once again growing out of her current sizes. I love the continued trends of adorable matching lounge sets, ruffles, and tie-dye (THAT BABY TIE-DYE SWEATSUIT, GUYS). Cute baby girl clothes on Amazon are a rabbit hole I LOVE to go down, so here is another round up of some winter favorites!

If you missed it, here are my fall favorites for her

Brighten up your winter with this collection of cute baby girl clothes Amazon faves. Cozy matching sets, ruffles, and tie-dye for baby girl.

Just click on a product photo below to be taken directly to the item’s Amazon page via my affiliate link! (Most things are available in multiple colors)

A few Winter Style Notes

Mommy and me photo in the snow. Winter style for mommy and baby. Chunky knits, baby bear bunting, and bright colors.

Although we’re still just staying home, changing out of pajamas and into loungewear makes me feel like something productive is happening- ha! Plus, I think we can all agree that cute baby girl clothes are just the instant mood booster that we all need right now?? The sets I chose will be perfect to mix-and-match for creating more outfit options an easy swap when they inevitably get spit-up, covered in food, or pooped on.

We also take a lot of neighborhood walks when the weather cooperates; the big kids are able to burn some energy, we all get some fresh air, and I have an excuse to bundle up Josie in that adorable little pink teddy bear bunting! It’s a win for us all!!

Some other little accessories that have been on repeat around here are fleece Zutano booties– I’ve loved them for all 3 kids! If you’ve never tried them, let me tell you: these things are basically magic and do not fall off like every other pair of baby socks, keeping those little toes nice and toasty. I also love a good pom beanie to keep her bald little head warm!!

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Cute Baby Girl Clothes – Amazon Winter Faves!