Flower Craft for Kids – Celery Stamp Roses

Flower Craft for an easy handmade mother's day gift. Toddlers, preschoolers, and school aged kids can use celery to make a flower stamp!

Here’s an easy kids flower craft you can do at home with some leftover kitchen scraps! It turns out that the bottom of a celery stalk makes a perfect rose. All you have to do is make an even cut a few inches from the head (bottom) of the celery stalk to remove the leafy branches and you’re left with a cute flower stamp! Dip it in one or various colors and press onto paper to make a rose!

Use the stamps and a little imagination to create gardens, bouquets, or simply just pretty floral patterns! We turned this simple flower craft into a whole bouquet by drawing green lines on a large piece of easel paper. The kids matched their stamp to the line “stems” to fill in their vases. We love doing this craft around Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day; it can be used to make pretty floral wrapping paper or a lovely homemade tea towel gift!

Use celery to make an easy flower craft! Make a rose stamp and have fun making floral patterns, gardens, and bouquets! Fun for toddlers, preschoolers, and school aged kids!

Every artist needs to fuel their creativity and my kids loved digging into a little snack that I made using the rest of the stalks. Their favorite celery snack is “ants on a log” using nut butter and raisins. And, trust me, treat yourself with cream cheese filling and “Everything But the Bagel” seasoning. Yum!


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Flower Craft for Kids – Celery Stamp Roses