Family Boo Basket

What is a Boo Basket? It’s a collection of Halloween goodies I give to my kiddos at the beginning of spooky season. Filled with things I would typically purchase and give to them throughout the month anyways, I love putting it all together as an exciting way to welcome the upcoming holiday and enjoy all month long. This year, instead of making one for each of my kids, I brewed up this giant cauldron of family fun!

A family Boo Basket full of goodies to enjoy during the month of Halloween. Boo Basket ideas for the whole family including pajamas, books, puzzles, and movie night tickets!

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Family Boo Basket Ideas

I started with matching pajamas. My kids LOVE when they’re able to match and I’m holding onto it as long as I can! It can be tough to make happen sometimes since I have a boy and 2 girls; a lot of times even coordinating sets have a “boy” and “girl” version. Here are a few sets of perfect gender neutral options for the whole family- even the dog if that’s your thing 😉

Next, I added some fun home goods like a set of plates and tumblers. Check out these budget-friendly and reusable options to add fun to the table all month long!

I stuck in a few activity books; since it’s a family basket I got a variety that everyone could use like sticker and drawing books! We especially love the sticker-by-number books for clean fun that keeps the kids busy for hours!

We almost always have a big 500 – 1000 piece puzzle in progress, especially in the cooler months as the weather keeps us inside more often. Last year, we had a fun Halloween candy one that I found at HomeGoods. This year, I thought this Trick or Treat street scene and colors was so pretty and if it’s taking up my dining room table for weeks, it might as well be pretty, amiright? Here are some fun puzzle options for your family Boo Basket:

Children’s picture books will always have a place in my heart and home, but as my kids grow up, I’m hoping to keep the holiday magic in their middle grade books (ages 8-12 ish) as well! There are so many magical and Halloween-themed junior novels and we enjoy reading a chapter from them at bedtime every night. We are especially loving illustrated novels like Hocus Pocus, Harry Potter, and Matilda. Here are some picks your whole family is sure to enjoy reading out loud!

I also like to add in some experiences. A family movie night, trip to the pumpkin patch, or a neighborhood ghost walk are all fun things to add to a Family Boo Basket! The printable Hocus Pocus 2 tickets that I added are from

The Extra Details

I finished up our basket of treats with a bunch of decorative details. Gold star stickers added a little whimsy to the cauldron. I wrapped mauve ribbon around the cauldron and added a Boo tag and sweet little acrylic spider.

The acrylic tags are from Against The Grain. The Spooky Season pennant, straw pennants, and tags are from Thread Mama, I love her Patreon subscription for adding cute little printable details like this to my projects.

I hope you find inspiration in this fun family Halloween tradition! Tag me on Instagram if you make it your own; I’d love to see!


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  • Meredeth
    October 8, 2022

    What a your cute idea! I have to admit, I don’t go all out for Halloween. I am soo not creative!

    Meredeth, Southern Soul Collectives

    • jess
      October 22, 2022

      Aw thank you ! I am glad you liked it; I love having things on hand to do with the kids and packing them up in a cute gift is such a fun way to kick off the holiday season!

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Family Boo Basket