Valentine’s Day Love Basket

What’s a Love Basket?

The idea behind this little gift is to start the holiday fun and build excitement for Love Month with a basket full of seasonal goodies that my kids will be able to use and enjoy leading up to Valentine’s Day!

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A Love Basket is a gift full of seasonal goodies to use and enjoy leading up to Valentine's Day! Favorite Valentine's Day shopping finds to create kids Love Baskets!

This is actually the first time I’ve made a Love Basket (or 3)! After seeing the tradition spread among some of my creative Instagram friends for different holidays over the years, I loved the idea of giving these seasonal finds to my kids ahead of the holiday!

For each of my children, I chose a pair of heart covered pajamas, a festive outfit or two, a new book, arts & crafts, and a few other little seasonal finds. In my case these are things that I usually get each holiday, but this time collected in a cute and curated crate ready to give to my big, middle, and little littles on February 1!

Here are all of the cute things I found to add to my kids’ Love Baskets! Some of the specific things I added may be sold out, but you can check out this entire Valentine’s Day Shopping Guide for more options!

Valentine’s Gift for Girls

Valentine's Day gift for girls! Inspiration to make a girl Love Basket. Valentine's Day pajamas for girls. Valentine's Day crafts. Valentines Day gifts for girls

My biggest girl, Harper, is 7 years old and her Love Basket is full of heart covered loungewear, nightgown, a sweet water bottle, a book from her favorite series, and some arts & crafts.

Valentine’s Gift for Boys

Valentine's Day gift for boys! Inspiration to make a boy Love Basket. Valentine's Day pajamas for boys. Valentine's Day crafts. Valentines Day gifts for boys

My middle, Ethan, is a 5 year old boy. He has a little bit of a truck theme going on with some sweet construction pajamas, wooden truck sign to paint, and Little Blue Truck’s Valentine. I also added in a love themed tshirt and the absolute cuuuuuuutest tiger wearing sunnies sweatshirt.

Valentine’s Gift for Toddlers

Valentine's Day gift for baby! Inspiration to make a toddler Love Basket. Valentine's Day pajamas for toddlers. Valentines Day gifts for toddler

My little Josie-girl is 1 and I filled her love basket with jammies, romper, cozy socks, heart crayons, sunglasses and a cute book that we’ll be able to keep out year round!

Be sure to grab a cute bin or basket to put it all in, scroll through some of my favorite choices (I love using something that is reusable like these acrylic boxes I used this year)

The Gal Pal and Stud Muffin pennants are a freebie printable from Moonstone & Pearl Co. Heart tags and Love pennant is from Thread Mama‘s Valentine Pack.

What do you think? Will you be creating your own Love Basket tradition?

For more ideas, start at this Instagram post and visit some of my friends’ Love Basket ideas!


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