Easy Snowman Craft for Kids

Toilet paper rolls are always at the top of my list of accessible craft supplies! This easy snowman craft for kids is no exception! Save a few toilet paper or paper towel rolls and pass them out to your preschool to school aged kids to make and decorate their own snowman!

My kids have been anxiously waiting for enough snow to build a snowman outside this winter. While we wait, I grabbed a few toilet paper rolls, white paint, and a little bin of crafty extras (buttons, tissue paper, pipe cleaners, poms, etc) and set up an ‘invitation to create’ this easy snowman craft for kids.

Adorable and easy snowman craft for kids using a toilet paper roll! Decorate and build your own winter snowman craft !

We primarily used paint and then I hot glued on details like a nose (pom pom and pipe cleaner) and pom pom hats to complete our snowman craft.

To expand this craft (you know I love a good craft-ivity), once they were dry, we cut them into 3 segments to turn the snowman into a fun puzzle stacker. That way they really could build their very own snowman! My older kids mixed and matched accessories, fine motor skills, and balance, while my toddler practiced simply placing the tube rings onto a wooden dowel. Such an easy snowman craft AND activity for kids to make this winter!

Make your own stacking puzzle toddler activity and preschool activity. Create this easy snowman craft for kids by using a toilet paper roll!

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