Easy Valentine’s Day Breakfast Ideas

Make Valentine's Day breakfast with extra love by following these easy tips and tricks from a mom of 3!

I’m kicking off the month before Valentine’s Day by sharing three simple ideas to add a little extra love to a Valentine’s Day breakfast! These tips are all easy, accessible, and affordable! While I love shopping new holiday finds as much as anyone, it’s also important to me that making fun memories and creating a little childhood magic doesn’t need to be expensive! My kids absolutely adored these little additions to make our weekend breakfast a little sweeter and I hope that you give them a try!

Add sprinkles to waffle batter and more easy tips for Valentine's Day breakfast!

1. Sprinkles are an easy way to literally sprinkle on the love! Mix festive sprinkles into pancake or waffle batter to create a colorful funfetti-inspired Valentine’s Day breakfast! I always find a great selection of holiday sprinkles at HomeGoods, Michaels, and Target. You can also make your own combination using plain red, pink, and/or purple sprinkles.

2. Strawberry Hearts are beyond cute and so easy to make! I’ll be making these on repeat all month long for the kids to enjoy with everything from yogurt, to snacks, to school lunch. Just cut the strawberry lengthwise and make a V cut on the top.

Easy Valentine's Day breakfast idea! Cut a strawberry into a heart by first cutting it lengthwise and then making a V cut on the top!

3. A squeeze of food coloring is another easy way to make a meal extra fun and festive! I put a drop or two of food gel into a pitcher of oat milk to turn it pink! The kids squealed in delight when it poured out! Add a colorful paper straw to finish off this festive Valentine’s Day breakfast drink!

Easy ideas for Valentine's Day breakfast! Celebrate Valentine's Day with kids.

I hope that you’re inspired to include one of these easy ideas into a Valentine’s Day breakfast over the next month!



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Easy Valentine’s Day Breakfast Ideas