2023 Love Baskets

I love filling seasonal baskets for my kids with items that will add some festive fun to our every day. I add things like pajamas, a cute outfit, a little decoration for their rooms, and some activities to do as we look forward to the upcoming holiday. In short, things I would buy anyways delivered in a cute basket so they can use it all month!

Valentine's Day Love Baskets filled with Valentine gifts for kids.

Tap the image for a link to the products I added to their Love Baskets this year!

A few things that were not able to be linked are sourced below :

Reusable Cups: Marshalls

Baskets and sunglasses: Dollar Tree

Watercolor Art pads and Heart Lollipops: Hobby Lobby

Heart clips: Target Dollar Spot

2022 Love Basket Stack

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2023 Love Baskets