Childrens’ Holiday Pajamas 2019- Wishlist

Holiday pajamas have a special place in my heart. There is just something so nostalgic about thinking of the kids running down the stairs in their jammies on Christmas morning filled with such joy. We have an ongoing Christmas Eve tradition (passed down from when MY dad was a kid) where Rudolph makes a quick trip before Santa’s big night and brings special pajamas and leaves them in each child’s room (of course he’s in a hurry so they’re left in a bit of a mess, which always has the kids cracking up). So this time of year I am always on the lookout for the perfect pair of childrens’ holiday pajamas for Christmas morning, but also usually buy a few other festive sets for the rest of the season! I thought as I search high and low, I would leave my wishlist here in case it helps any of you find just what you’re looking for!

My favorite pick right now are these merry & bright holiday jammies ! I love that they’re festive but neutral enough to be worn for the entire season. The kids wore them over the weekend while we turned on some Christmas music and brought out just a tiiiiny bit of festive decor to sprinkle throughout a few corners of the house 😉

Children’s Holiday Pajamas Shopping Tips:

Childrens’ holiday pajamas are SO much fun, but I always try to consider these things before purchasing: When choosing between $7 and $30 pajamas, you’re making an investment in quality. If you size up in that $30 set, they may last 2-3 holiday seasons and still look- and feel- brand new! I have even had luck reselling them and recouping costs (via apps like Kidizen and Poshmark). But don’t worry, I understand if that’s just not you- I saved a variety of price points in this list so that everyone can find something they love that won’t stress your bank account during this time of year 🙂

That said, join mailing lists/rewards clubs in order to save! Typically these offers are 10-20% off and you can always unsubscribe later if you’re no longer interested in additional offers. Also, this is the season for deals! If something is full price, I’m going to go ahead and stress: don’t buy it yet. It will probably be on sale tomorrow, the next day, or next week! The great thing about starting to shop early is waiting out the best deals! Follow me on instagram where I try to shout out great sales in my stories 🙂 And lastly, bookmark this page and come back to shop on Black Friday; many of the stores listed are usually 30-50% off !

And because there is just too much fun to fit into one list, here are some more of my favorites this season [be sure to bookmark or Pin this page, I’ll be sure to update throughout the season when stores add new items!)


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Childrens’ Holiday Pajamas 2019- Wishlist