Marble Rolling Easter Egg Art

As an allergy family, we usually avoid having real eggs in the house, meaning we have to get extra creative around Easter time. Making pretty paper Easter eggs with paint-covered marbles is a fun alternative to traditional egg decorating- or just a fun art project leading up to Easter. It’s such a simple craft that it’s perfect for toddlers all the way up to school-aged children!

Make pretty paper Easter eggs using marbles covered in paint. Perfect for toddlers up to school age! Process art that promotes creativity

I gravitate towards doing process art projects like this one with my kids because it allows creativity without the pressure of anything needing to look a certain way when it’s complete. They’re simply able to enjoy the artistic process! This project is SO easy and fun: it’s sure to be a new favorite Easter tradition!

You’ll need :

  • Paper (I recommend a heavier cardstock for paint projects, but any kind of paper works!)
  • A box large enough to fit your paper
  • Multiple colors of paint
  • Marbles (You can also use bouncy balls or even plastic easter eggs!)


Use painted marbles to decorate paper Easter eggs

Draw an egg shape onto your paper (we used light pastel colors, but anything works!) .

Put the piece of paper on the bottom of your box.

Roll each marble in a different color of paint until it is completely covered.

Drop your marble into the box and shake it, bounce it, move it!

Experiment with multiple colors, movements, and marbles !

Once the paint dried, we added some scissor practice by following the line to cut out the egg.


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Marble Rolling Easter Egg Art